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How to choose the motor fan


   Fan motor is a motor with the fan hub and blade, along the fan hub are uniformly distributed on the periphery of the blade groove, is inserted in the groove, after welding, bonding of the blades and the fan hub connecting method become one. So, today we will introduce you to the electric fan motor price list and how to choose the electric fan?.

1, certification: consumers in the purchase of electric fan, to see the instructions, see whether access to compulsory certification of quality system certification, whether the inspection standards certification; and now advocate "low carbon", but also whether meet the national energy efficiency standards.

2, low noise: the main components of the electric fan noise is in the selection of electric motor, the fan must listen while the motor is running without noise, see it in operation if jitter is stable; good motor let you in a quiet environment, only to hear the wind "whispers", ultra quiet send the wind is a good fan.

3, no odor odor is generated on the copper electric fan insulation paint in operation when the smell to smell in the purchase of electric fan, see this paint is environmentally friendly, whether through quality inspection, let you enjoy the cool wind in the fresh air.

4, electrical safety: the safety requirements of the electric fan, the national standard in very detailed provisions, consumers can also conduct a simple test. Qualified fans, the general adult finger can not touch the front edge of the fan through the net cover, there are children of the family should choose the net cover of the electric fan.

I believe you read the above article on how to purchase the electric fans have a further understanding, hope that we can help you to introduce.

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