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Motor parts understanding


First electrical conduction

The conduction part of the electric power includes the stator winding, the winding type can be divided into 2 levels, level 6, level 8, road 4, road 2, and the big way of 6. "So," the rotor winding rotor stator winding with the same "," wiring board wiring board series can be divided into y, JZR, etc. series "," brush brush series can be divided into AC and DC "," brush brush rod rod series can be divided into YZR JZR JS JR YR YRKK Y ", the constant pressure spring" constant pressure spring and the brush rod series "," commutator commutator series can be divided into spiral bevel gear commutator commutator, cross, commutator commutator, DC motor commutator "box" type of junction box can be divided into YZR JZR JS JR YR YRKK "Y" TD, brush brush type MG, J, MK, t SA, y, and other "collector" collector series YR JR "YJR" series, the coil coil can be divided into YZR JZR JS JR YR YRKK Y ", etc..

Second electromagnetic

The magnetic conduction part includes the stator iron core, the stator iron core model can be divided into Y series, Y2 series and rotor core, the rotor core model is the same as that of the stator core.

Third heat dissipation

Heat dissipation, including plastic leaves "plastic fan blade series YZR JZR Y", aluminum fan blade "aluminum fan blade model and its plastic leaves the same", "YZR JZR JS YRKK" JR "Y".

Fourth structure support

The support structure includes a base "series can be divided into horizontal and vertical", end cover, "the series can be divided into YZR JZR JS JR YR YRKK Y, including the vertical or horizontal" shell "series of YZR JZR JS JR YR a YRKK Y", "the series of bearing cover and shell the same". The bearing comprises bearing, bearing series "for self-aligning ball bearing and deep groove ball bearing," Bush "series can be divided into vertical and horizontal". Motor power output for the main purpose. The main power source of the motor is the current cycle.

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