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Motor parts repair


The insulation casing of motor fittings has no crack and no looseness. The wire connection shall be firm and the insulation resistance value shall not be less than 75 0.5M at the operating temperature. In the brush device, the lower part of the brush box and the surface of the motor parts are required to be apart from 2~4mm, the assembly is too far away from the brush in the brush box, if it is hard to brush, it is likely to break. The brush should be flexible in the brush box, the inner surface of the brush box is smooth, the size of the inner diameter of the brush box is H10, and the axial dimension tolerance is H8. Brush width and thickness tolerance d11. The brush and brush box wall clearance should be 0.1~0.2mm, the gap is too large, brush to produce tangential swing in the brush box, affect the normal work of the motor parts; the gap is too small, the electric brush card in the box, causing burns arc welding surface similar to the copper ring.

  Maintenance should be careful examination of motor parts: motor parts work surface is smooth, there is no burn marks, skin defects. Working face should not be smooth, rust and grease. Motor parts of external insulation binding must be correct, good sealing. If there is no good treatment, fiberglass cloth binding by synthetic resin impregnated, to prevent leakage of the motor running mica flying. The motor shaft with the accessories and the rings with insulating sleeve should be firm, with a small hammer tapping copper ring and a copper complex, its metallic sound.

  The brush should be close to the ring. The pressure difference between brushes shall not exceed 20% of the average value. The utility model relates to a winding rotor asynchronous motor with a brush device, the electric shock on the short circuit ring and the blade on the motor fittings are uniformly contacted, and the contact area is more than 60%. For motor parts surface slight burn marks on the brush marks, available fine file oilstone, grinding, finally 00 polishing cloth. In general, it should not be easy to turn the motor parts, because turning will reduce a lot of life. 

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